The Blu Mantic

Mantic means fulfill a prophecy, Blu reflects the soul. Born in 1990 in Killeen, Texas, musician and creative professional. The Blu lived and performed all around the world, among other Brooklyn, NYC, but decided to settle down in the place that inspires him the most now. It is Warsaw, Poland that chose to live and create in. He makes hip-hop, rap, and soul music, combing electronic sound, and visual arts. In 2019, he debuted with his first album, “The Blu Mantic Vocals”, which was entirely produced by the Polish recording company “Haarpagans”

Life story:
Originally from Killeen, he moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2009. He studied the Meisner technique of theatre acting at Neighborhood Playhouse in 2011. Blu quit his day job in Times Sq in 2014 to give up almost everything to become a full-time indie artist. Went homeless for some time and traveled to Warsaw, Poland. Since then, he has been writing lyrically driven tracks. Meant to spark the mind, heal the heart, and move the soul. After the release of his first EP The Yesod EP in 2016, he was invited by Popkiller to be the first American artist to feature on the XXL freshman type collaboration, Młode Wilki 5. Performing in a song called “Dla nas”, which reached over 17m views. He has opened for well-known artists such as Smif-n-Wessun, Afu-Ra, IAMDDB, O.S.T.R., and even featured on Media Kraft as an Ebonics language tutor. Self-releasing singles such as “BYOC”, “Legacy”, “The Foundation”. He has begun to capture the hearts of many internationally.

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