Local living on Bora Bora

Local living on Bora Bora


The fact that 90% of the population in Bora Bora lives for tourism, does not mean it’s overcrowded or polluted. Find out how the local living, market, and innovation work here. Dive into the world where deep saltwater that generates air and flowers that are used to paint your clothes.

This report is divided into three parts: I part – general information from the local guide, II part – talks about #Polynesian eco-fashion and local products, III part – is dedicated to innovation that has been invented by the Hollywood star Marlon Brando to cool down the all-year high temperatures on islands.

Welcome to The Society Islands! 

Many thanks to all the participants of this report, including the General Manager of the Hotel Intercontinental Thalasso SPA Bora Bora.

Report by Victoria Voigt. 

All rights reserved. 

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