Generation V

Generation V is a proactive global network of mission driven and ambitious young people who are designing the future world to be a better one. Creating initiatives representing the ideas and interests of the this generation, Generation V helps make strategic decisions for our development on an international scale with an emphasis on delivering reliable sources of leadership and information.


The ‘V’ community combines the interests and ideas of our generation across every corner of the world. We are everywhere not only to consult, but also to intervene in current affairs affecting the fate of our information culture, technological economy, world peace and education.

Through partnerships with such organizations as the International Academy for Social and Economic Development, or Adam Smith Center, AISES Young, Foundation Lex Nostra, we cross our experiences with a fresh exchange of approaches and plans for our future. We achieve this on both the regional scale and globally by reaching the largest policy organizations in the world, such as the UN.

The symbol for addressing important matters for the new generation is the victory and peace of the ‘V’.

Each day we strive to balance socio-cultural changes and find a golden mean in such issues as:

“Courage v Sense”

“Unselfishness v Usefulness”

“Assertiveness v Firmness”

“Openness v Identity”

“Innovation v Values”

“Determination v Consistency”

“Thought v Idea”

“Inspiration v Creativity”


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