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Ryszard Petru

polish economist, founder, and frm. leader of a political party .Modern (currently .Now) which has gained 7,6% of votes in their first, 2015 elections to…

Stefan Tompson

publicist, historical documentarist and activist. Born in Great Britian, raised into a Polish-South African family. He is interested in topics such as the Holocaust, communism…

J.L. Lopez

Digital Content Publisher for the European Space Agency, living in Rome with global expectations. He has graduated with excellent results at the Universidad Camilo José…

The Blu Mantic

Mantic means fulfill a prophecy, Blu reflects the soul. Born in 1990 in Killeen, Texas, musician and creative professional. The Blu lived and performed all around…


Victoria Voigt presents: Cross-generation discussion with global leaders from the worlds of education, culture, business and politics.

Publicity in new media correspondences less and less with the responsibility, prudence and source-based credibility. Data and information are a value that should be treated with particular attention, but also with openness. They are to serve us in creating a better space in which we live every day.

Victoria Voigt

I am a 21-year-old traveler and an up and coming international journalist and diplomat. From an early age, I write and edit publications on the world-view and cultural issues, I prepare promotional strategies and participated in the implementation of various ideas and initiatives mainly dedicated to the young people.

I have worked, among others, with many foundations for human rights and citizens, private enterprises focusing their activities in the field of innovative economy, banking for investment funds and development of the projects related to the space agencies in California, Italy and Poland.

I speak fluent in four languages.

Generation V

Generation V is a proactive global community of mission-driven ambitious young people who are designing the future world to be a better one.

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